This blog is an expression of my own opinions and views and is independent of any organisations or institutions which I am currently or may be assoiciated with in future. I believe everything I write to be true, based on my current knowledge.

I have made full attempts to reference any external material and to recognise the work of others. Please notify me of any cases where this is not true or where I have infringed on legal rights, and I will be happy to alter the offending material appropriately.

I am happy to allow non-commercial reproduction of all or part of this blog, provided appropriate recognition is given. This blog may only be used commercially with my express permission (ret.mutant@gmail.com).
Additionally, descriptions of some of my work may upset certain individuals as it involves use of animals or animal tissues for scientific research. I have worked to minimise this and to make it as acceptable as possible. I will always try and include warnings if there is a chance of a post causing offense. I have also been working to put embryo work in hidden tabs, so you can only view it by clicking on the link.